Pilot Scale Multi-Parallel Bioreactors

Individual parallel functions with unique process parameters

Completely independent operations in every single stainless steel bioreactors with 5, 10 or 15L working volume for cell or microbial cultivation.

Up to 10 individually controlled fermentors with MS Windows PC based SCADA station.

Each bioreactor is instrumented by control of temperature, pH, DO, pressure, programmable stirrer and feed pumps, air and oxygen, gas mass-flow controllers.

High performance magnet coupled stirrer for elevated oxygen transfer and high density cultivation.

High-throughput, fully automated multifermenter system for volume production. Ideal for experimental design, parallel process optimization studies and pilot scale production. Fully automated cleaning-in-place, in-situ sterilization, media feeding, harvest and calibration sequences allow single person operation. FDA/GMP compliant product contact materials, surface finish and qualified cleaning in place procedures.  Steam sterilizable connections for media feed, sampling and harvest. Optional integrated on-line instruments: optical biomass, off-gas analyser.

Additional features (software highlights):

Sophisticated gravimetric loop back control of the feed pumps provides regulated feed unaffected by pressure changes or pump-tube deformation. Cascade controllers provide advanced and flexible control of DO by stirrer speed, air-flow, pressure and oxygen supplementation. Customized recipe manager provides easy switchover between optimized parameter sets for different microbial processes. Open database and network connectivity allows seamless connection to high-level supervisory system, LIMS and MES.

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