Lab Scale Multi-Parallel Bioreactors

Simultaneous functions with unique process parameter settings

High-throughput bioreactor system designed for parallel microbial or cell cultivations.

Six individually controlled stainless-steel bioreactors, stirred with bottom magnetic stirrers, with a working volume of 0.2 – 1 litres.

Fully automated cleaning-in-place (CIP), in-situ sterilization (SIP), induction, harvest and calibration sequences allow one-person operation.


Ideal for experimental design, parallel comparison studies, and downscaling experiments.   Each bioreactor is fully instrumented: control of temperature, pH, DO, pressure, programmable stirrer and feed pumps, air and oxygen mass-flow controllers. Optional optical density sensors and outlet gas analyzer, 30 fermentations per week with one operator is a typical throughput.

Additional features (software highlights)

“Multi-switch” function enables multi-paralleling, operations in several reactors
Automated calibration procedures simultaneously in all 6 reactors, no need for dismantling
Advanced optical density measurement algorithm eliminates the disturbances by illumination and air bubbles
Sophisticated gravimetric loop back control of the feed pumps provides regulated feed unaffected by pressure changes or pump-tube deformation
Cascade controllers provide advanced and flexible control of DO by stirrer speed, air-flow, pressure and oxygen supplementation
Customized recipe manager provides easy switchover between optimized parameter sets for different microbial processes
Open database and network connectivity allows seamless connection to high-level supervisory system, LIMS and MES.

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