Sterilizable stainless steel bioreactors

For cell or microbial cultivation.

Fields of application: human and veterinary pharmaceutical, vaccine, cultured meat, food and beverage, agricultural, animal health and nutrition in research and development and production scale

Vessel: Stainless-steel bioreactor vessels, 5–1000 liter working volume. Stainless- steel lid with 12 standard Pg13.5 instrument ports
Control Tower: One control tower for each bioreactor, including all electronic components, 3 peristaltic pumps on the front, utility and instrument connections on the back for easy accessibility and cable/hose management
Stirrer: Hygienic bottom magnetic coupled stirrer – providing safer sterility, Rushton or pitch blade impeller, propeller
Aeration: Applicable for aerobic/anaerobic cultivation, mass flow controlled, sterile filtered, off-gas cooling
Temperature Control: Electrical heating band, cooling finger
Control: Stirrer speed, temperature, feeding rate, pH (by acid/base or CO2), DO (by stirring, gas-flow or feeding), antifoam/level
Measurement: Exhaust gas analysis (O2/CO2), OD measurement
Modules: Mass flow control of gas-mix (air/O2/CO2), Speed controlled peristaltic pumps for feeding, On-off pumps for adding acid/base or antifoam, Balance(s) for feed control
Cleaning: Manual
Sterilization: in-situ sterilizable with steam
Software: BioPhantom© Control Software

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