In-situ sterilisable bioreactors and fermentors

Stainless steel, in-situ sterilisable bioreactors in 5-20 L volumes. Designed for high-density microbial or cell cultivation. Highly advanced regulations for stirrer, level, temperature, DO, pH, redox, pressure, gasflow and pumps. Bio-Phantom© advanced control software for 1-5 reactors. Powerful magnetic coupled stirrer, stainless steel frame system with thermo-system, sterile filters and load cells. Optional Optical Density Sensors and Outlet Gas analyzer. Easy integration of 3rd party instruments and equipment. Automated sterilization in place and optional cleaning-in-place
Main product features:
In situ sterilizable bioreactors and fermentors, Microbial cell cultivation, fermentor, Magnetic stirring bioreactor, Automated sterilization bioreactor

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