Enzymatic Hydrolysis Bioreactor

Enzymatic Hydrolysis reactors are designed for industrial research of enzymatic hydrolysis of materials with both low and high dry matter content (up to 40%). The reactors are made of acid-resistant stainless steel and have a unique tilting system to facilitate mixing of high-solid-content media. The hydrolysis reactors are closed to eliminate evaporation and constructed to be able to provide anaerobic conditions.

Product Features:

  • • Vessel: Stainless steel 316L, working volume 20-50L
  • • Stirrer: Bottom double-mechanical sealing motor, with anchor stirrer/scraper (stirrer can be customized)
  • • Aeration: Applicable for aerobic/anaerobic processes, mass flow controlled, sterile filtered, off-gas cooling
  • • Temperature control: Jacketed vessel provides an opportunity to heat and cool with steam/hot water and cooling water
  • • Control: Stirrer speed, temperature, feeding rate, pH (by acid/base or CO2), DO (by stirring, gas-flow or feeding), antifoam/level,
  • • Measurement: Exhaust gas analysis (O2/CO2), OD measurement (customizable)
  • • Modules: Mass flow control of gas-mix (air/O2/CO2), Speed controlled peristaltic pumps for feeding, On-off pumps for adding acid/base or antifoam, Balance(s) for feed control
  • • Cleaning: Manual
  • • Sterilization: Sterilizable
  • • Software: BioPhantom© Control Software:

Monitoring and control of process parameters (advanced cascade control and sequences)

Process Management: Historical trends, Alarm/event log, Recipes, Batch reports

  • • Configuration: Standalone or multiple 2-6 bioreactors (expandable)
  • • Options: Integration of 3rd party instruments, Perfusion device (ATF), OD measurement, Precision feeding control


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