Bel-IoT Control

Bel-IoT Control is combination of a powerful soft PLC and an IoT Communicator application. Operators using their smartphones or tablets can access the control system securely through the Cloud. Bel-IoT Control provides advanced control loops for bioprocess parameter regulation, flexible sequential control, configurable action triggering and user-friendly graphical HMI through internet. The system provides all essential process management functions.
Monitoring & Control
Connect 1-6 bioreactors to the Cloud. Real-time monitoring of process variables. Live and historical data display in dynamic graphics PID, GAP and custom cascade control algorithms for measured and calculated process values. User-friendly, interactive operation.
Process Management
Safe process data logging. Cloud based remote access through portable devices. Prioritized alarm system with emergency sequences. Simple experimental protocols. Multi-level password security. Open database connectivity and interface to LIMS and DoE module.

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