Airlift Bioreactor

Our standard Airlift Bioreactors are built with cylindrical Duran glass vessels. The agitation is carried out by the injected air, therefore there is no need for moving parts inside the vessel. This results in a homogenous environment with low shear forces. This technology is advantageous in filamentous fermentation, biological wastewater treatment, production of single-cell proteins, plant and animal cell cultures. Belach Airlift Bioreactor is controlled by the Bio-Phantom© control software enabling the user to have full control over all the measurement instruments and process control equipment.


Product features:

    • • Application: Comparison studies, continuous, semi-continuous or batch operation
    • • Vessel: The standard vessel is 3,5 liters in volume
    • • Agitation: Air circulation, air inlet by mass-flow controller
    • • Temperature control: Electrical heating band
    • • Measurement & Control: Air-flow, temperature, pH, antifoam/level, weight
    • • Modules: Peristaltic pumps for feeding, adding acid/base or antifoam etc.
    • • Cleaning: Manual
    • • Sterilization: Autoclavable
    • • Control System: The BioPhantom© Control Software can handle up to 6 reactors ideal for parallel studies. The software enables various automated functions for example: automated liquid feeding for unattended operation of continuous feeding experiments. Different parameters – temperature, pH, feeding, air-flow – can be set and controlled individually by each reactor.
    • • BioPhantom© Control Software: The software is available with the full list of features on a desktop PC or a simplified version can be requested in smaller touch screen modules
    • Customizability: The Airlift reactors are highly customizable to the customers’ needs, further control and measurement instruments can be added or existing modules can be integrated



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