All bio-hazardous waste generated in biocontainment facilities must be decontaminated prior to discharge, solids as liquid waste. Effluent decontamination systems (EDS) of Belach Bioteknik AB are constructed to treat biologically contaminated liquid effluents from hospital and research laboratories, animal holding facilities, autopsy etc. to ensure full inactivation of all viable microorganism.

The decontamination systems of Belach Bioteknik AB are developed for biological decontamination of liquid waste by heat treatment. The waste typically comes from health care and R&D laboratories, production sites or hospitals classified as BSL1, BSL2, BSL3.

The decontamination in a Belach Bioteknik equipment is executed by batch-based heat treatment on 120°C-140°C for user defined holding time and the consecutive cooling. The holding time is controlled by F0 cycle for safe sterilization effectiveness.

Advanced PLC control system informs the Users about the process status, records critical data (temperature, holding time, pressure) and handles alarms.

In case of a Belach equipment the utilities required for the systems are only electricity and water.

The units are all design according to European Standard EN 13311-5 and PED.