Belach Bioteknik – Customized bioreactors, bioprocess equipment and control systems

Belach Bioteknik has over 35 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and maintaining reliable operation of biotechnological equipment and bioprocess systems. Belach Bioteknik designs and manufactures user-friendly, glass and stainless-steel microbial and cell culture bioreactors, and other additional bioprocess units – media tanks, harvest tanks, acid/base tanks – and decontamination equipment and bioprocess control systems. Belach Bioteknik’s products and systems are typically tailored to individual user requirements, from lab-scale experimental bioreactors to pilot and production bioreactor systems. Belach Bioteknik serves clients in Scandinavia, Europe, and in the USA. Besides the distribution of new equipment, Belach Bioteknik provides reliable yearly maintenance and service as well.

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